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If you have any questions or would like more information, will be happy to help.

COWS is designated as a qualified charitable organization by the State of Texas under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. 


All contributions are tax deductible and you will receive a tax receipt. 


With your support and commitment, we will continue to provide Neuro Robotic therapy to those in need.

Funding will be used for
Training personnel, maintenance, and insurance on the Lokomat Pro.

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Donations can also be made toward scholarships for those patients without financial support so they can benefit from this valuable therapy.

Butterfly Wall

Donor Wall for Cole Ohrt Walk Strong Organziation

I watched in agony as the small creature struggled to free himself from the golden shield of protection. Unbearable, I released him from the bondage. With bright-eyed expectation, I watched and waited for the lovely imago to flourish, but no! He sat. With a bewildered heart, I asked, “Why aren’t you darting amongst the fragrant flowers and mighty trees my exquisite butterfly? He looked at me in despair, “I cannot fly. I cannot lift my wings. In your zeal to free me from my struggle, you have made me weak.”   

The struggle is real, the triumph glorious!

Like a butterfly we are trapped in our chrysalis of trials. The struggle to break free of the golden shield strengthens us, prepares us, enables us to emerge prepared for the journey that lies ahead. Premature freedom from the work makes us weak, ill-prepared and unable to take flight and soar. Indeed, it is overwhelming to watch a loved one struggle, but at times, struggle they must. For in our fight, we move from disabled to able, weak to strong, passive to persistent, from who we think we are to who God made us for.

A Butterfly Celebration Wall is being created as a fundraiser for the Cole Ohrt Walk Strong Organization. The wall will be located in the COAL Center wing at Building Kid Steps, where the Lokomat Pro(R)  & ArmeoSpring(R) will be utilized. If you would like to honor, memorialize or in any other way to contribute to the Butterfly wall please click on the link below for a physical form or fill out our online form below.

If you wish to donate offline please print out the attached document below and fill out the form.

Click the attached document to receive form

Please Send to P.O. Box 221 Victoria 77902 or you can donate to the PayPal.

Questions regarding the wall? 361-648-8147

Butterfly Donor Wall
Online Form
Please Select your level of giving

Thank you for your donation!

*Please note you must send check or donate to the PayPal in order for the butterfly process to begin.*

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